About Us

Molly and Zoey was born on December 24th (Christmas Eve) in 2011. We moved into two small stores located in a small beach community on the Jersey Shore. We quickly grew out of these small stores and needed more space to grow.  We now currently have 3 stores at the Jersey Shore and 1 in Florida. As our Instagram community grew, we were inspired to build our website for our customers who live around the country.

Our team of stylist are always ready and on hand to help you build the perfect wardrobe.  We provide the most current on trend merchandise for an affordable price. We are just as passionate about fashion as you are, and we are always searching for the next trends. You can always expect something new and fresh from us that you haven’t seen before.

We have grown so much since we first opened, and we are so excited to enter this new chapter. We are here to help. You can always email us at mollyandzoeyhelp@gmail.com. Or call the store during working hours at (732) 222-7766. We look forward to building this community with you!

Lots of Love,