Spend a Day in Long Branch With Molly & Zoey

In Long Branch, there’s always something to do! That’s why 10 years ago we decided to open the Molly and Zoey boutique right here on the Jersey shore. Our hometown is less “gym, tan, laundry,” and more sandy beaches, delicious food, oceanfront promenades, and lots of fun summertime events. Not to mention, Long Branch is a quick one-hour ride from New York City on the New Jersey Transit trains, making it a popular weekend getaway for many New Yorkers. There’s a ton you can do if you make your way to Long Branch, but it can be challenging to plan out what attractions you want to visit if you’re new. That’s why we figured it all out for you and mapped out a list of activities and places you can visit to make sure you get the best of what our favorite place has to offer! Join along for a day in Long Branch with Molly and Zoey!

Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park

The first stop on our day out is Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. Being a famous beach resort town in the 18th century, Long Branch was frequented by seven different presidents (thus the name of the park). This gorgeous attraction is a 38-acre park along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are designated surfing and swimming areas within the park. So, you can cool off from the summer heat by taking a dip in the ocean or riding the wave on a surfboard!

The park also offers many amenities such as a volleyball area, as well as outdoor showers with changing rooms. If you’re not a fan of water activities, it’s also an excellent place for a long walk on the beach. Or you could grab a girl friend for a picnic on the beach, where you can eat while enjoying a view of the vast and serene ocean!

Pier Village

Next up is Pier Village, an affluent, trendy enclave along the seaside that incorporates the boardwalk, boutique stores, restaurants, and multi-story luxury apartments overlooking the ocean. This is the epicenter of Long Branch life! Satisfy your tastebuds with a wide range of culinary offerings, from casual to fancy, with more than a dozen restaurants situated in Pier Village. The dining experience in Pier Village is quite diverse, with cuisines from around the world – from Mediterranean to Mexican, Greek, and Italian cuisines.

With plenty of boutique stores along the boardwalk, you know you won’t be walking out of Pier Village empty handed! The stores at Pier Village range from surf shops to shoe stores to high quality artisan foods.

Molly and Zoey

Speaking of boutiques located in Pier Village… we can’t spend a day in Long Branch without stopping at Molly and Zoey! We are a fashionable women’s boutique that is always getting new clothing in to keep you on trend. Offering casual to dressy apparel at very affordable prices, we ensure you are ready for any occasion!

Our stylists at Molly and Zoey are always prepared to help you find the wardrobe that is perfect for you. From rompers to tie-dye dresses to jumpsuits, we offer everything in a variety of attractive colors and designs (and often in a matching set). Pop in anytime to chat with our stylists and stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Escape the Puzzle

Looking for a fun group activity that will challenge your mind? Visit Long Branch’s Escape the Puzzle. They offer eight different escape rooms where you and a group of friends will be given 60 minutes to solve challenges and ultimately figure out how to escape the room. This is the perfect way of bringing a group of friends together for a fun activity, all while being an ideal team-building experience. Anyone and everyone can enjoy escape rooms at Escape the Puzzle. Their escape rooms are family-friendly and do not require any special skills or talents to complete the game. All they require is an open mind and a sense of fun. All they require is that you think outside the box and have a good time.

Sirena Ristorante

The last stop on our day trip is Sirena Ristorante. This exquisite local Italian restaurant in Long Branch boasts spectacular views of the ocean and incredible food. The oceanside of the restaurant's location, as well as the fusion of the menu's distinctive Italian delicacies from the sea and land, drew inspiration for the name “Sirena,” which translates to “mermaid” in Italian. The Sirena Ristorante's brilliant chef creates delicacies and uniquely curated dishes inspired by culinary travels in Italy, as well as traditional Italian recipes inspired by culinary journeys in Italy. So, if you are looking to tantalize your taste buds, this is the place for you! We hope you enjoyed your day in Long Branch with Molly and Zoey! We love being a local boutique on the Jersey Shore and pride ourselves on serving both our in-store clientele and our loyal online customers! Next time you find yourself in Long Branch, stop in to say hey and try on some clothes.